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Funny Ha Ha by Ozzie Pullin

on Wednesday, 25 September 2013.

funny-ha-ha---ozzie pullin

What got you into film making?
I got into it purely from borrowing one of my Dad's Hi-8 cameras and making a bunch of skateboard films. From there, I realised that there was bigger and bigger possibilities. Mostly from influences such as Spike Jonze.

Funny Ha Ha is a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for - what inspired you to make it?
Basically, I've always been interested in the old Twilight Zone films and one of my friends at university had this small idea about a comedian and it just developed from there. I always loved how the films never really had a happy ending.

Other than being careful what you wish for, what other message did you want Funny Ha Ha to convey?
It's kind of that point that you have to make decisions everyday and those decisions can completely effect everyone around you. I guess you could say it has a lot to do with loneliness as well and what measure people will go to for happiness.

How did you go about casting the film?
Casting was very difficult as we didn't really have much time to pull the whole film together. So I used an actor I'd previously worked with before, Keir Brown, who plays the lead Simon. I knew he would be great for the part and kind of carry the story the way I wanted it to. Other parts were kind of people we had to get at last minute due to there being limited budget and no time.

How did you go about finding the locations?
All the locations were in and around York city centre. As this was my University final project I wanted to find locations around the local area to keep cost down. In the pre-production process this was the main focus. We went to every working men's club in the area to make sure we found the right one. The one we actually found was amazing and only charged us for electricity. Other locations were just friends' houses and we even used one of our University lecturers house. It's one of those things, as long as everyone is in it together and loves the project you can make anything happen.

Any challenges whilst filming?
I feel our main challenge was the amount of time we had. I think we shot everything over a week and then had 2 weeks to do the post. It was insane.

What advice would you give to budding new filmmakers?
Make sure you love what you're doing. Without that then there isn't point in doing it.

What's next for you?
At the moment, I'm currently living in London doing the odd bit f directing work for a production company called Partizan. They help me with music videos and online commercial content. Music video is kind of the direction I've gone in, but would love to jump on with another Short film in the near future.

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