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Wake - Sami Bassam

on Tuesday, 21 May 2013.


What’s your background and how did you get into film-making? 

I am originally from Africa and came to the U.K when I was 8 and settled in Leeds.

Growing up as a child like most kids my age I was a football fanatic and also enjoyed watching films mostly action and comedy films and carried that on through to this day. I am passionate about film and would like to one day direct and produce my own major feature film. I was really fortunate to star in the British documentary film’ In the Hands of the Gods' which got rave reviews, was a real honor and a great experience. It gave me the belief that if you set your mind on something no matter how big you will achieve your goals, so from then on I began to dream the impossible dream, I got into college in Leeds and started experimenting with the camera and producing my own short films and music videos for some of my mates from the neighborhood

Currently I am studying in Bradford City College doing a course in film (AS Level) and hoping to progress to University to fulfill my studies and improve my all round skills in film production.

 How did the idea for Wake come about?

We had to produce a 3 minute film for a college assignment and I wanted to produce something from scratch instead of re shooting a scene from a film.

The idea for wake came from stories you hear from the streets and moments some of us have experienced in our darker days growing up in districts where opportunities don’t come by often.

Was there a message you wanted to convey with Wake?

‘What goes round comes round’ certain lifestyles are not cut out for some people and once you’re ‘in’ it’s quite difficult to get out without any consequence or payback. Experience has thought me to think long and hard before I do something stupid or anything in that matter.

What influenced the distinctive soundtrack of the film? 

Not much really other than the tracks I listen to, they help me to envisage and develop stories in my mind so long as it’s appropriate to the scene and sounds right to me then ill play around with the track because I feel that music and sounds are important in most films.   

What was the casting process like for the film?

A bit difficult trying to find mates who were willing and able to act out the characters as most of us work and study during the day. Luckily I managed to round up a few good friends who were really instrumental in this film and I am grateful for their help because in the end they did a better job than I could have hoped for

Did you encounter any unexpected difficulties in making the film?

To be honest this time round, not really other than the freezing conditions when we were filming at night. Due to the length of the film and the basic narrative it was pretty straight forward even during the editing.

What’s next? Any current projects or future plans?

I’ve got a few ideas I am working on at the moment, definitely will be producing at least 2 more projects this year. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in making short films?

Always believe.


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